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The story of Casa Celtis #2 PART 1- THE STORIES WE TELL BEST

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

THE STORIES WE TELL BEST, are the ones we know best.

This is the story of Unit nr 2, Casa Celtis. A house that become a home to me and my family over the past 5 years, but a structure that I have journeyed with for close to 20 years.

The 4 photos attached to this post was taken on 17 November 2015, after my husband and I decided to make a drastic lifestyle shift. He changed careers, we urgently needed to be closer to the school, my office and for him to the Gautrain.

The promise was that we are willing to sacrifice our lovely large stand Faerie Glen property for the (much!) smaller, no pool, allotment size garden, Casa Celtis home as an interim solution.

The Casa Celtis house's ownership lies within the family and was thus kind off an only option at the time (Thank you, Dad!)

But my journey with nr 2 Casa Celtis started many years earlier - maybe even as long as 41 years earlier, when my parents moved into the expansive house on the 2Ha property on the corner of Frank and Rubida Street, Die Wilgers.

Join me in the coming few weeks for a very personal journey on space, houses and homes and that a relationship with a house is not so far removed from the human complexities of falling in love!

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