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│IN MY OPINION │ Adultery │

Since we will be celebrating Valentine's day tomorrow, I thought to give you my #architecturalopinion on #adultery

Adultery is every married partner’s worst nightmare; it is a betrayal of trust and a break in the bond of marriage. Historically and in many cultures, adultery is considered a very serious crime and subject to severe punishment.

But what would you say if I tell you that it is absolutely necessary to commit adultery if you want to save the love affair you have with your home? The relationship we have with our homes should not be so serious as a marriage for life – maybe at best approached as a long-term relationship, but ideally considered and treated as a #flirtatious love affair with space.

Now, making love in space seems to be a problem according to scientists (I can really not speak from own experience here!), but luckily space around us here on earth is so much more intimate than the confines of the International Space Station and we can gladly set our minds free to start imagining the most outrageous love affair with our #homes! It need not stay at #imagining – we can actually set out freely on the affair – break some rules, break out some walls, paint it red and lounge in the sun together, dress up, dress down, have a drink, braai and even invite friends over together! Best of all – your actual marriage partner can join in on the affair!

More importantly is to have an affair outside of the affair - let your eyes wander freely, desire without guilt, gather ideas – take sneaky photo’s of other #spaces, start an album, show your affair’s affair on a Pinterest board, tear out the middle page of the décor magazine and pin it up!

One-night stands with other spaces are also completely in order: Drink in the sassy décor of hotels, weekend-retreats and remember every smallest detail that made you feel #athome! When your space is not allowing you enough personal space – go and visit show houses – consider moving on! Having these extramarital flings might just lead you to greener pastures and better affairs, but might also just bring you back to where you were, with a newly found peace and insight that a new layer of paint, maybe a new scatter cushion (And the acute awareness of lesser debt) was all you needed to kiss and make up!

As an #architect, I just love being a little bit of a #spatial “lady of the night”, even to such a degree that I start an affair with every single house I design for my clients: flirting, dreaming, shaping, imagining!

Yes – being an architect, is magical! Lots of Love xD

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